Latest News from Kid Kazooey

22 October

Love the HubMrs. Kazooey is celebrating her 45th birthday in December! YAY! As a birthday present to herself she is engineering a campaign she calles “Love The Hub”, in an effort to raise $4500 for local Bloomington Food Pantry, Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard, “Because no one in this First World Country should go hungry, but 1 in 6 Americans don’t know where or when their next meal will be”, says Mrs. K (A.K.A. Lara Lynn Weaver).

She plans on raising the dough through a series of events highlighting great local music, including Kid Kazooey, The Pirate Flags, Kaia, Arbutus Cunningham, and I can’t remember who else…

The kickoff event is HALLOWEEN NIGHT! An Adult Halloween Costume Party that is Rated RRRrrraaaaarrrrgggh! Come join comedienne Courtney Stewart and The Pirate Flags at Max’s Place on All Hallow’s Eve to party down like the Rogues we are and take care of our community’s hungry folk!