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A Book This Nice (I Like Books Because…)

04 November

A Book This Nice (I Like Books Because…) By Kid Kazooey, 11/04/08 First let me say, Go Out and Vote! Thank you! Now, moving right along… It had been a while since I had written a new song. I went down to the studio and grabbed a guitar and the dry erase board. I had no idea what I was going to write about. The first thought that popped into mind; I need to pick up the book I placed on hold at the library. Then I thought how much I’m enjoying the books I’m reading right now, particularly Jonathon Strange & Mr. Norrell, by Susanna Clarke. I find the 650’s of the Dewey Decimal System edfying too. I thought I’d write a song about placing a hold on a book that you are excited to read. I wrote on the board “A Book This Nice…”, and proceeded to write a song that actually never mentions placing any holds on any books. But you gots’ta remember to read between the lines… At the last Kid K show, Pizza Parlour Entertainment @ Max’s Place, after reading the audience’s responses to their kid k hand-out; “I Like Books Because…” , I debuted the tune. It was a blast. I loved that part of the show. The responses were cute and funny, everybody danced to the new tune, and I knew that we all had made some new friends (and e-mails)! Of course you’re all eager to read the children’s responses and the new tune’s lyrics for yourselves, so here goes! “I Like Books Because…” …I am addicted, so very addicted to the written word(s). -Katrina Perry. Your Max’s server. 20 something. …it gives you something to do. They are interesting and fun. -anon. …I like them. -Max. 3yrs old …they rip. -Izzy. 1 yr old(?) …my mommy and daddy read them to me. -Henry Orahood. 5 yrs old …they are fun. I like someone to read to me. -Franklin Orahood. 3 yrs old …they’re fun to read and interesting. -anon. …I like to read it. I want to lay down. -Owyn Smith. 3 yrs old …I get to sit in Mommy’s lap. -anon. …I love to look at the pictures and hear parts of the story that involve bunnies, circles, stripes, and guys named Michael. -Lula Borrero. 2 yrs old …you can look at the pictures and discover what’s happening. -Petite Dali. 6 yrs old(?) …they teach me to say no no no. …they’re hot & spicy. -Gael. 2 yrs old(?) Isn’t that rich!? And now the lyrics to the new tune; A Book This Nice… by Kid Kazooey 10/30/08 A book this nice, you wanna’ read twice, And thrice, and four times, and again. So you check it out and renew it about Every week until they tell you that you can’t. I want to open up to the book mark, I want to smell the pages. I want to be just like that character that breaks out of cages. And when you get to the end and they’re rolling the dice, To be more precise, its paradise, a book this nice. A book this nice, take my advice, Is well worth any risk of an overdue fine. That black and white, its gives you second sight, But don’t forget to read between the lines. Chorus A book this nice, like your favorite spice, On your favorite day, sitting in your favorite chair, You hold it in your hand, and you understand The who and what and when and why and where. Chorus Thanks to the folks who made it this far! You must have really wanted to read all of that! God bless ya! Now tell ‘em what they’ve won, Johnny! A lovely mp3 of the sketch recording for A Book This Nice!