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7 Gigs in 8 Days!

19 February

Dear Gang, That was a lot of fun! Not particularly the Sleep deprivation that accompanied it all, but playing 7 entirely different gigs with 7 entirely different settings, ensembles, etc… all in just 8 days; THAT was great fun! And a big part of why it’s fun to be Kid Kazooey (though it ain’t as easy as it looks!). I’d like to take the next several days to tell you about these gigs. For those of you who know little about what Kid Kazooey does, this is a great glimpse into the breadth of my professional career!

Gig #1: Kid Kazooey plays solo Ukulele, honoring Bloomington’s own Hoagy Carmichael.

Friday, 2/08/13, Noon, Morrison Hall’s Hoagy Carmichael Room. IU’s Archives of Traditional Music annualy celebrates Hoagy Carmichael’s birthday, and every year Kid Kazooey gets asked to play some of his favorite Hoagy tunes. Though I usually prefer to play the more obscure ones, this year I opted for the Big Kind Daddy of ’em all, Stardust!