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Chris Barth & Dr. Seuss; Monon Center

16 February

#1 The Impossible Shapes is a band with little need for introduction ( for many of you. Many of you know of the lead singer/songwriter’s passionate and commited role as a pre-school educator? … So, my buddy Chris Barth is BDLC’s ( best kept secret. He’s well informed about child development and he loves a silly thoughtful kid’s song. When he & I play music together, he reminds of Dr. Seuss’s character, Bartholomew Cubbins… ( The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins ) He & I will be performing together at Max’s This Sunday 2-3:30p! Bartholomew & The Kid! And he’s from Indy… which is close to Carmel… which is where my old neighbor- honorary member of the family- now lives… which leads me to my next point! #2 I’ll do that solo thing ( “So low!” Let’s Limbo! ) at Carmel City Parks & Rec’s Monon Community Center next week! Wednesday, 2/23/2011, 10-11AM. If you can tell me who my old neighbor is, I’ll play “Limbo Rock” into “Baja”, which is a great Calypso Medley! Shall I bring my Looper??? Otherwise, see some of you at The Crazy Horse, Sunday 2/27/2011, 8-10p, with Joe Donnelly & The Indulgences! We have a new song called The Flautist’s Daughter ! “Nobody told me…” que? Kid Kazue’