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Gig #2: Kid Kazooey/ Pizza Parlour Entertainment Extraordinaire @ Max’s

21 February

As part of the series highlighting my 7 gigs in 8 days, I present to you a wee bit of my Pizza Parlour Entertainment Extraordinaire!

You see, Kid Kazooey plays the Second Sunday of Every Month at Bloomington IN’s greatest local pizza joint, Max’s Place (108 W. 6th Street, on The Square) from 3-4:30p! I often bring a stack of fake books for folks to try and stump me and my sight reading skills, play a kid favorite game we call Magic Rocks, and as this clip illustrates, play a game that we like to call Name… That… TUNE! All while families enjoy delicious thin crust pizza, meatballs, juice boxes, and adult microbrewed beverages. It’s really quite a scene, especially when the pre-school mosh pit starts to get crowded with young ukulele strumming and kazoo humming kazooey look alikes! The next time I’ll be there at Max’s will be March 10, 3-4:30p. Drop in and see what all the commotion is about!