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Gig #3: Kid Kazooey & The Mardi Gras All Stars!

26 February

Fat Tuesday this year has come and gone, 2/12/13, but some of us still feel it, if you know what I mean! Thanks to The Monkeyheads’ Social Aid and Pleasure Club of Bloomington, IN, threw yet another fabulous Mardi Gras celebration/benefit concert for WFHB at The Player’s Pub, titled “The Third Greatest Mardi Gras Celebration on Earth!” (Doesn’t matter who you put in #1 and #2, WE’RE #3!).


Kid Kazooey has opened the event with a family friendly performance in the back room at the pub (where kids ARE allowed!) for years in a row. This year it was with The Mardi Gras All Stars (Dave Baas on guitar, Steve Mascari on bass, Joe Donnelly on saxophone, Donn Middleton on percussion, and Lara Lynn Weaver (Mrs. Kazooey!) on drums and vox), as everyone in this band played at least one other set that night with other bands!

This year we decided to tackle some of Kid Kazooey’s favorite songs written for and performed by The Coasters! These Lieber & Stoller tunes (Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller) are great early rock-n-roll story tunes with much humor! This particular video is of their tune “Idol with the Golden Head”.

Don’t forget that Mardi Gras marks the beginning of Lent, and DYNGUS DAY marks the end! This year Dyngus Day falls on Monday, April 1!! No Foolin’! That’s another favorite gig of mine, as The Bufoonski Brother’s Polka Ensemble plays 3 hours of Polka music at Yogi’s Bar & Grill from 6-9! See you then and there, baby!