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05 March

Dear Folks and Friends,

If you don’t read anything else in this edition of Kid Kazooey Times, read this: Please help me finish my book, The Three Eyed Dragon by following this link to my Kickstarter campaign! Thank you, and for those with enough time to read on, please do so!

February is gone and time keeps tickin’ into the future!  Not slowing down for nothing! I do have gigs to tell you about in hopes that you can come and help me create a memorable moment in space and time, but I also must tell you about the Book and CD! First, a quick look at March’s gigs:

Sunday, 3/4/12, 2-2:30p, Kid K solo at the BABS Baby Fair, Bloomington Convention Center.

Sunday, 3/11/12, 3-4:30p, Kid K solo at Max’s Place (Pizza Parlour Entertainment Extraordinaire!).

Sunday, 3/18/12, 8-10p, Pirate Flags at The Crazy Horse (St. Patty’s Day After Hangover Concert!).

Monday, 3/26/12, 8-10p, Kid K one of 3 songwriters at The Player’s Pub’s Songwriter Showcase.

Sunday, 4/1/12, 3-4:30p, Kid Kazooey & The BallRoom Roustabouts’ CD & Book Release Party, Fountain Square BallRoom.

NOW, let’s talk about this book and CD, shall we?

The CD is Kid Kazooey & The BallRoom Roustabouts’ Umpteen Moons, and that’s how long it took to make it! We Started it over 9 years ago, and it is well worth the wait! It is a rock record, with a few delicate moments. Lots of Electric guitar, high energy, and easy to sing along with tunes! If you’ve been coming to shows, you’ve heard many of these tunes; The Day Before the Camera Was Invented, Kids Alive, Storysinging Dance Music, and, drumroll please, The Three Eyed Dragon! Which brings us to the Book…

Cartoonist, illustrator, AND the newest member of the BallRoom Roustabouts, Joe Lee, and I began collaborating years ago when he first began creating artwork for the Umpteen Moons CD. We decided to take the lyrics of the 3 Eyed Dragon song and have Joe illustrate them for a children’s picture story book. His first drawings for this project were done 3 years ago, and now the project goes off to the printer next week! It is a 32 page full color beauty! The story in a nutshell (if you haven’t heard me sing the song 100 times already!): A knight, A princess, A dragon, and a twist!

The Bad news is I can’t afford to get the book printed! The good news is you can help! PLEASE do visit myKickstarter Project Page and read how you can get a copy of the book, the CD, some other cool little tokens of appreciation, and perhaps an in house Kid Kazooey concert!

And now I must say, I know many of you who recieve this newsletter personally and some as even very close friends, but I would be amiss by not mentioning that even those of you who I either only know by face, or wouldn’t even recognize if standing next to you at Kroger’s, all of you have shown me so much love, support, enthusiasm, and trust in what I do as an artist and I am both grateful eternally, and appropriately humbled. THANK YOU! Now, go buy the book and the CD with your donation at!

Any questions?

mucho respecto,

Kid Kazooey

Kevin MacDowell