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Kid Kazooey’s All Hallow’s Eve Eve Ruckus 12th Annual!

18 October

Well Gang, Click Clack Moo is over and all of a sudden it feels like I have all the free time in the world! So what will I do with it? Here’s what’s coming up! First of all, I’m very much enjoying “Its Time To Have Band Practice” at The Green Nursery, Wednesdays at 11am! Though attendance has been mellow, practice has been rockin’! If you have access to a pre-schooler at that time, you should come and join the band! Check it out! Next up, Halloween is coming up, Monday, October 31, which means that Kid Kazooey’s All Hallow’s Eve Eve Ruckus is also coming up! Sunday, October 30, 2-3:30pm at Max’s Place! Though it has been several years since we’ve done this annual show as an over the top multi media show at The John Waldron Arts Center, we have continued playing a costumed halloween show through the years. I think this year will be the 12th annual! Beyond that, Max’s Place and I are looking at our calendars and will be making my Max’s shows more regular. We are leaning towards the 2nd Sunday of every month, 4-5:30p, for Kid kazooey @ Max’s. Stay tuned for more news on that! One last note about FREE KID KAZOOEY MUSIC! I am going to be taking down the free downloads at by the end of this month! If you haven’t already checked ’em out, now is the time to do so! There’s alot of fun stuff there right now! OK, enough is enough. I’ve bored myself with the click clack of my laptop keyboard and am ready to clean the studio for after-school lessons. Please take care of yourselves, and your wonderful children and families! And as usual: Any Questions?? Peace and love, Kid K