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“Kid Kazooey’s Lullaby Christmas Carols” CD!

07 December

Dear Friends, with the help of some very talented expediters, I’m thrilled to announce that the recording project I wasn’t even planning for, will be in me grubby little hands in time for dissemination at my show this Sunday, 12/11, at Max’s, 3-4:30p! The project is called “Kid Kazooey’s Lullaby Christmas Carols”. Some of you have already had a listen to the sneak peaks on the web site under the music tab, but if YOU haven’t, please check ’em out! They’re really sweet. to fill in the gaps a bit, here is the text from my press release on the recording: “With every music store offering affordable ukulele’s, Eddie Vedder’s “Ukulele Songs” making such a big splash, and a national ukulele festival in Bean Blossom, the ukulele renaissance is perfectly poised to make an impact on our Christmas this year. Riding the wave of this Hawaiian instrument’s popularity, Kid Kazooey (a.k.a. Kevin MacDowell) purchased a handmade ukulele form the luthier Mickey Sussman while visiting the island of Kauai this summer. “I knew I would have to use it for a Kid Kazooey recording soon, but I couldn’t have guessed then that recording would be lullaby versions of traditional Christmas carols!” says Kazooey. Surely the recording is a bit of a departure from the high energy, low volume rock-n-roll that he has become well known for. “This recording will NOT induce a pre-school mosh pit like what we see at my monthly concerts at Max’s Place!” Kazooey says parents have been asking for a lullaby recording for some time, and he is happy to oblige. The recording goes a long way in illustrating the artist’s musical sensitivity and diversity. MacDowell also plays guitar, accordion and bass, while keeping the ukulele front and center. His wife, Lara Weaver, also contributes flute, and the vocals on the one and only track that is not fully instrumental. The tracks are like a listing of Christma Carols Greatest Hits, including Joy to the World, O Little Town of Bethlehem, and Silent Night. But there is at least one song that the artist hopes will be brand new to most listeners. “My grandpa taught me a song that he said was his favorite Christmas carol, ‘In the Sky the Stars are Shining’. He dug out an old mimeographed copy of the music for the song that was clearly written out by hand and a very old typewriter. The melody is just beautiful, and I’ve always wondered why I’ve never heard the carol before. I spent a lot of time searching the internet for any mention of this tune and found nothing. Grandpa Schoenle says they sang it every year at Saint Andrews, up in Fort Wayne!” The recording is set to be released December 10. “I know it’s a last minute offering to the Christmas Music buying public, but I didn’t even intend to make this recording. It just spilled out of me through several all nighters in my home recording studio, and I’m rushing to make it available as soon before the 25th as possible!” The recording will be made available locally at Landlocked Music and The Green Nursery, as well as online at, and iTunes.” That about says it all! Any questions? See you Sunday! Happy Holidays! da Kid