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New Year’s Eve Dance Party!

28 December

Dear Friends,

First things first, I have a widdle biddy cold today and must regrettably cancel today’s band practice for 11am at The Green Nursery! Now, while I have your attention!…

I trust you all are having a peaceful and relaxing nesting time this week before New Year’s Eve. Some of you are done celebrating Christmas, or Hanukah, or the Solstice, and hopefuly have these next coupla’ days to REST & RELAX!

Just a reminder, Kid Kazooey & The BallRoom Roustabouts are hosting our annual New Year’s  Eve Dance Party! as a septept this Saturday, December 31, 2011, at Max’s Place in Bloomington Indiana, from 3-4:30pm.

A few things about this show that I’m excited about: While Chris Barth has been playing with the group for about 6 months, this is the first gig he’s on that we also have our regular bass player Oliver Wittman (work and studies have made this talented musician a little unavailable of late!). Also, we have a guest musician on the trumpet joining us for this gig. Julie Rust, the mother of two of my band practice regulars, has been bringing her trumpet to band practice for the last several months, and turns out she can Really Play That Thing! So come and check all 7 of us out! (6 if Ms. Arbutus Cunningham stays sicker than I am now! Boo hoo…)


Thanks folks. Even if you can’t join us this Saturday, I wish you all a joyful new year!


Mr. Kazooey