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Pirates, Pledges, & Poetry

17 March

Dear Gang,

just a few quick reminders and then we can all be on our ways, enjoying the last weekend of Spring Break (Bloomington-specific, I guess!):

1/ The Pirate Flags are celebrating the Day After St. Patty’s Day! Sunday, March 18, 8-10pm at The Crazy Horse. You’re favorite Songs of the Seas and some Rad Trad irish tunes dished up by Bloomington’s own Pirate Rock band! YES you CAN bring your kids to the Crazy Horse, but I’d say you’d be crazy to do so! (The All Ages Area DOES have a great view of the band… )

2/ The poetry inherent in the singer/songwriter’s craft will be on full display with Kid Kazooey and Danny Flanigan on Monday, March 26, 8-10pm at The Player’s Pub’s Singer/songwriter Showcase. I love Danny Flanigan. A Louisville fella who is one heck of a guitarist, musician, songwriter, performer!

3/ Thank You All for your pledges! While I have reached my Kickstarter goal, I set that goal at only 50% of what I need to finish the whole Book/CD/Release Party project (being consertvative and wanting to get SOMETHING instead of Nothing!), so if you have not done so already, please visit the site and make your pledge before the deadline, Tuesday, March 20!

Can’t thank you all enough for making it possible to share these silly tunes, whimsical music, lovely drawings, electrified performances… Couldn’t do it without you! We’re having Some Fun Now!

Wet kisses (metaphorically speaking),

Kid Kazooey

p.s. on your radar should be Sunday, April 1, 3-4:30pm, at The Fountain Square BallRoom. Kid Kazooey & The BallRoom Roustabouts’ CD/Book Release party!