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Wallpaper Gigs & Fat Tuesday

03 March

Dearest Folk and Friends, IT’S MARCH! IT’S NO LONGER FEBRUARY! There… had to express myself. Now, the upcoming gigs: 1/This Sunday, 3/6, 2-3:30p, Max’s, solo show. 2/This Tuesday, 3/8, 4-5p, Player’s Pub, Kid Kazooey & The BallRoom Roustabouts celebrate Mardi Gras with The Monkey Heads Social Aid and Pleasure Club. Next, my thoughts on said gigs: So, Saturday nite I’m playing bass with the group PanUSA. It is a private function y’all aren’t invited to, which we will be playing Calypso music. However, this is not a party where folks will be shaking a tail feather to our ultimate groovy grooves. Au contraire, mon frere. This is a “Wallpaper Gig”! One where we are like a glorified iPod music player. Some musicians hate these type of gigs. If it was all I ever played, I’d hate ’em too! However, being Kid Kazooey, I rarely have the luxury of no one paying much attention to me! I’m usually doing something very interactive and talking back and forth with the crowd as we all egg each other on towards having a good time! So, this Saturday nite I’m looking forward to doing something for just the three of us musicians on the gig. At least the 3 of us will be happy to be there jamming out some Lord Kitchener. Segue to my Max’s gig this Sunday at 2pm. I sort of kind of don’t care if a lot of you are too busy to come! If there are few “Kazooey Heads” there, I can do my very own Kid Kazooey Solo Wallpaper gig! I can play whatever I want and not care who is listening. I can play jazz standards the whole time! I can make a 2 measure loop and wank away to my heart’s desire. I can play songs of mine that kids wouldn’t “get”… you get the picture. So, its OK if you stay home this Sunday afternoon! Especially if you… …come to Player’s Pub this Tuesday at 4pm to celebrate Mardi Gras with Kid Kazooey & The BallRoom Roustabouts! That’s right, you can bring your kids to the player’s pub! The Monkey Heads Social Aid and Pleasure Club are once again hosting Bloomington’s own Fat Tuesday party and we’re opening the thang from 4 to 5! We’ll play some Professor Longhair, some Calypso, and some Guy Lombardo! I’m very excited about this one! Are there any questions for kid kazooey?